Crypto News

2 Million Revolut Customers Get More Cryptocurrency Access 2min ago
ZeppelinOS Software Launch Promises Easier Fix for Ethereum Contracts 45min ago
Norfolk Southern Gets On The Right Side Of The Blockchain Tracks 52min ago
A 17th Century Mansion Is Being Auctioned Off on a Blockchain 1hrs 44min ago
Bayern Munich Star James Rodriguez Launches Own Cryptocurrency 1hrs 46min ago
Strike API for Lightning Network Went Live 1hrs 59min ago
Chinese Exchange Launching Southeast Asian Crypto Trading Hub 2hrs 4min ago
UK Bitcoin Trading Reportedly Under Scrutiny In DOJ-CFTC Investigation 2hrs 7min ago
Mining Pool of Hyundai-Related Blockchain Platform HDAC Suffers Hack 2hrs 16min ago
Stormy Daniels Plays Crypto Card to Trump Adult Industry Competition 2hrs 36min ago
Chinese Government Agency Partners With Tencent To Create 'Intelligent Tax' Lab 3hrs 9min ago
Noah Project: Travel Industry Ripe for Blockchain Innovation 4hrs 3min ago
Proof of Work Coins on High Alert Following Spate of 51% Attacks 4hrs 4min ago
Russian Institutions Test Central Bank’s ICO Platform 4hrs 11min ago
Enigma Technical Analysis: (ENG/BTC) Looking For Support Ahead Of Testnet Launch Soon 4hrs 31min ago
Bitcoin’s Falling Price Nothing More Than Perception, Or Is There Manipulation? 5hrs 36min ago
Chinese Blockchain Accelerator Offers Startups $ Mlns in Subsidies 5hrs 44min ago
BitGo Is Building Its Own Digital Asset Custodian 5hrs 58min ago
Singapore Warns Eight Unauthorized Token Exchanges 6hrs 4min ago
TRON Founder Reportedly Acquiring BitTorrent Inc. 6hrs 8min ago
Snips announces an ICO and its own voice assistant device 6hrs 10min ago
Ethereum Classic 51% Attack Would Cost Just $55 Mln, Result in $1 Bln Profit: Research 6hrs 21min ago
CryptoKitties Charity Auction Raises $15K for Children's Hospital 6hrs 42min ago
Bitcoin Price Charts Reveal Trend And Support Levels 6hrs 58min ago
Just One Crypto Bucked the Market Downtrend This Week 7hrs 28min ago
Cryptocurrency stunt to climb Mount Everest reportedly turns deadly 7hrs 43min ago
Bitcoin Cash Ends Volatile Week With Modest Gain 7hrs 50min ago
Caspian Partners With Bitmex to Offer All-In-One Portfolio Services 7hrs 53min ago
Ukrainian ICO Publicity Stunt on Mount Everest Results in Death of Sherpa 7hrs 54min ago
$1.2 Bln in Crypto Stolen Since 2017, GDPR Will Hinder Cybercrime Enforcement, Report Shows 8hrs 9min ago
Chinese Blockchain Complex Offers Startups Millions in Subsidies 8hrs 13min ago
Jimmy Wells, Special App, and Startup Oscars: This Year BlockShow Is Gearing Up 8hrs 33min ago
Celebrity-Themed CryptoKitties Take a ‘Cat Nap’ Amid NDA Lawsuit 8hrs 54min ago
How To Hedge Your Bitcoin Bet 9hrs 6min ago
US’ Fourth Largest Railway Company Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance 9hrs 6min ago
Revolut Adds Bitcoin Cash and Ripple to Cryptocurrency Options 9hrs 19min ago
CV Market Watch™: Weekly Trading Overview (18-25 May) 9hrs 33min ago
Porn Star Stormy Daniels Adds Crypto Rewards to Official Website 9hrs 43min ago
Krypton Capital Joins Blockchain Investors Consortium 9hrs 45min ago
Biggest Thai Bank Joins R3 Consortium’s Trade Finance Pact Marco Polo 9hrs 54min ago
Crypto Market See Some Green After Week of Lows, Bitcoin Price Hovering Around $7,500 10hrs 26min ago
Bangkok Bank Joins R3’s Marco Polo Trade Finance Venture 10hrs 31min ago
Bangkok Bank Joins R3's Trade Finance Blockchain Initiative 10hrs 44min ago
Commerzbank Succeeds in Processing Corporate Forex Deal on Blockchain 10hrs 45min ago
The Bear Market Never Left, Bitcoin Down 25% in Less Than a Month 10hrs 55min ago
Bitcoin in Brief Friday: Luxury Jets, Cheap Air Tickets Now Offered for Bitcoin Cash 10hrs 57min ago
Ashton Kutcher Donates $4 Mln in Crypto to Ellen Degeneres’ Wildlife Charity 11hrs 17min ago
Logistics Giant Maersk Starts Using Blockchain Platform for Maritime Insurance 11hrs 36min ago
Chinese City to Use Blockchain In Fight Against Tax Evasion 11hrs 43min ago
China’s Tencent to Use Blockchain in Fight against Tax Evasion 11hrs 54min ago
Bitcoin Faces First Close Below This Key Long-Term Support in 2.5 Years 12hrs 43min ago
John McAfee’s Latest Prediction: Major Crypto Price Surge in July 13hrs 20min ago
Alabama Securities Watchdog Hits 3 ICOs with Cease-and-Desists 13hrs 44min ago
Security Pros Expect Cryptos to Have Mainstream Presence 13hrs 45min ago
Czech Utility Company Introduces Crypto Payments 14hrs 4min ago
Billions of Dollars in EOS Lost? Six More Days to Token Lockdown 14hrs 6min ago
Pink Taxis, Red Flags: A Deep Dive Into a Sketchy ICO 14hrs 43min ago
Bitcoin: Hash Rate Telling A Bullish Story 15hrs 36min ago
Blockchain Micro-Learning Platform to Help Students Earn as They Learn 15hrs 54min ago
Date Set: Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Will Launch 7nm Bitcoin Miner on June 6 16hrs 4min ago
Norfolk Southern the Latest Railway to Join Blockchain Transport Group 16hrs 36min ago
Whale Watching: US Regulators Open Probe on Suspected Market Manipulation 16hrs 59min ago
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) “Adopted” John McAfee 17hrs 19min ago
Police Officers in Ukraine Caught Secretly Mining Crypto at Work for Four Months 18hrs 4min ago
EY's Maritime Blockchain Insurance Tech Is Now Live 18hrs 44min ago
Tezos Community Petitions to End the Class Action Lawsuits 19hrs 38min ago
US: Shipping Startup Refutes Claims of Securities Laws Violations by State Regulator 20hrs 23min ago
Blockchain For Social Good Hype Requires 'Recalibration,' Ex-Treasury Official Argues 20hrs 52min ago
Coinjar Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange Supporting AUD Pairings 21hrs 9min ago
The crackdown on cryptocurrencies is a good thing, say traders 21hrs 39min ago
South Africa’s Central Bank Calls Crypto ‘Cyber-Tokens’, Not Currency 21hrs 46min ago
The Record-Breaking $152 Million Battle Over Blockchain Betting Tool Augur 22hrs 4min ago
Shanghai Startup to Use Blockchain to Verify Wine Origin, Fight Counterfeits 22hrs 23min ago
BCH Payment Processor Bitek Allows Colombian Merchants to Convert to Pesos 22hrs 39min ago
The DAICO: ICO Savior Or Wolf In Sheep's Clothing? 23hrs 14min ago
Spanish Central Bank Governor Perceives Cryptocurrency Risks, Distributed Ledger Technology Potential 23hrs 42min ago
German Bank and Steel Conglomerate Execute Forex Transaction via Blockchain 23hrs 54min ago
Zimbabwe High Court Reverses Central Bank’s Cryptocurrency Ban 1 day ago
More Americans Will Turn to Crypto If Fed Relaxes Post-2008 Measures, Analysts Say 1 day ago
Mining Malware Continues To Dominate Cybersecurity Threats By Seeking Out New Vulnerabilities 1 day ago
Why I won't work on Facebook's dumb blockchain project 1 day ago
ShipChain Pushes Back Against Securities Violations Claims 1 day ago
Bitcoin Gold Network Loses Millions From A 51 Percent Attack 1 day ago
Monetary Authority Of Singapore Cautions Digital Token Exchanges 1 day 1hrs ago
Bitcoin Gold Hacked for $18 Million 1 day 1hrs ago
Bitcoin tracking for slight weekly losses despite news of regulatory crackdowns 1 day 2hrs ago
Russian Central Bank to Pilot First Official ICO 1 day 2hrs ago
Monero’s CryptoKitty: A Malware Delivery Server 1 day 2hrs ago
Bitfinex Reportedly Tied To Puerto Rico’s Noble Bank International 1 day 2hrs ago
Korean Exchange Korbit To Delist Privacy Coins, Other Cryptocurrencies 1 day 2hrs ago
US Authorities Keen on Hunting Bitcoin Price Manipulation 1 day 3hrs ago
Ireland Clarifies Taxation of Crypto Transactions 1 day 3hrs ago
Operation Cryptosweep Finds Canadian Targets In British Columbia And Ontario 1 day 3hrs ago
Payments Platform Uphold Completes XRP Ledger Integration 1 day 3hrs ago
DOJ And CFTC Reportedly Investigating Cryptocurrency Price Manipulation 1 day 4hrs ago
Bank of Spain Governor: Cryptocurrencies Pose 'More Risks Than Benefits' 1 day 4hrs ago
New US Banking Rules Might Push People to Cryptocurrencies, Weiss Ratings Says 1 day 4hrs ago
Poland Continues its Aggression Towards Crypto, But the Community Shows Force 1 day 4hrs ago
Spain: Barcelona to Create Blockchain Center in City’s Tech Hub 1 day 4hrs ago
US Justice Department Investigates Price Manipulation in Bitcoin Market 1 day 5hrs ago