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As Millions Drown in Today’s Poverty Trap, Macro Strategist Raoul Pal Says ‘Bitcoin Is a Life Raft’ 21min ago
Libra Co-Creator’s VC Firm Co-Leads $12M Round in ‘Decentralized GitHub’ 36min ago
Nvidia announces mining GPUs, cripples hash rate of RTX-3060 49min ago
First Mover: Who ISN’T Dabbling as Bitcoin Passes $52K, Ether Tops $1,900 1hrs 5min ago
Bitcoin May Be a Better Investment Than Gold, Says DoubleLine CEO Jeffrey Gundlach 1hrs 6min ago
‘Evil VASP’ Simulation Preps Crypto Exchanges for FATF Travel Rule 1hrs 36min ago
Russia’s Digital Ruble Model to Get Bank-Friendly Redesign 1hrs 53min ago
No, Bitcoin Is Nothing Like the South Sea Bubble 2hrs 11min ago
Canada Has Approved Two Bitcoin ETFs — First One Starts Trading Today 2hrs 20min ago
Safello Partnership Enables Direct Crypto Purchases From Users’ Bank Accounts 2hrs 42min ago
How Crypto Transforms Prediction Markets 3hrs 27min ago
Kia Motors America Victim of Ransomware Attack Demanding $20M in Bitcoin, Report Claims 3hrs 40min ago
Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’ Has Started Accepting Bitcoin, Ether for Tax Payments 4hrs 10min ago
Blockchain-Backed NFT Market Value Grew 299% in 2020 4hrs 51min ago
Ether Looks Overleveraged as Cryptocurrency Hits New High Over $1,900 5hrs 2min ago
Top Auction House Christie’s to Accept Ether Cryptocurrency for Digital Art Sale 5hrs 20min ago
Malaysian Bitcoin Mining Gang Stole Over $2M in Electricity, Say Police 5hrs 55min ago
Chinese Retailer Goes From Bubble Tea to Crypto Mining in Unlikely Pivot 6hrs 21min ago
India banning crypto is technically, socially, and politically infeasible; instead, India should use its remittance-friendly regul[…] 6hrs 36min ago
How Staking and Eth 2.0 Makes the Ethereum Economy More “Sustainable” 6hrs 36min ago
Robinhood to Allow Deposits, Withdrawals for Cryptos Including Dogecoin 7hrs 1min ago
Bitcoin is now worth $50k – and it's ruining the planet faster than ever 8hrs 15min ago
Pionex Is a Crypto Exchange With Built-in Automated Trading Tools You Can Trust 9hrs 36min ago
Token-Driven Karaoke Platform Gets a Boost in South Korea as Pandemic Hits Over 2,100 Singing Rooms 11hrs 6min ago
CheapETH: A Fun Ethereum Testnet 11hrs 43min ago
Elon Musk’s Tesla Faces Scrutiny Over Potential Conflict of Interest in $1.5 Billion Bitcoin Purchase 13hrs 5min ago
Bitfinex, the Italian Network Behind the Boss That Makes Bitcoin Tremble 13hrs 46min ago
German Cannabis Firm Hedges Bitcoin to Protect from Massive Currency Devaluation 15hrs 36min ago
US Lawmakers Looking Into China’s Role in GameStop Pump: Report 15hrs 36min ago
For Bitcoin Traders It’s Still Buyer Beware, The Same As With Lottery Tickets 15hrs 45min ago
Cosmos Upgrades to Stargate: Another 2017 ICO Very Nearly Completes Its Vision 16hrs 39min ago
Why We Should Take Dogecoin Seriously 17hrs 8min ago
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Rallies On After Passing $50K Psychological Level to $52K 17hrs 56min ago
Publicly-Listed Chinese Lottery Firm Acquires Bitcoin Mining Pool 18hrs 6min ago
xSigma Prepares to Launch Its Stablecoin DEX With Major Backers 18hrs 36min ago
Mining Machine Manufacturer Ebang to Start Mining Bitcoins for Itself 18hrs 48min ago
SecretSwap Is the Secret Network’s Answer to DeFi Privacy 19hrs 28min ago
Coinbase Trades at a $77B Valuation as BTC Heads Towards a $1T Market Cap 19hrs 36min ago
Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade Nailed Down for July, but Some Finer Details Still Aren’t Finalized 20hrs 5min ago
Survey Finds Many Finance Managers Are Not Planning to Hold BTC— Volatility Cited as Key Concern 20hrs 6min ago
Sources: Coinbase facilitated Tesla's $1.5B bitcoin purchase during the first week of February; source says Coinbase has 5+ Fortun[…] 20hrs 31min ago
Tesla Tapped Coinbase for $1.5 Billion Bitcoin Buy: Report 20hrs 54min ago
Crypto wallet and exchange company raises $120 million 21hrs 12min ago
Automated Crypto Investing App Coinseed Faces Fraud Charges In NY, SEC Suits 21hrs 21min ago
A mind-map of cryptocurrencies for crypto noobs 21hrs 39min ago
How to Bring Off-Chain Assets to DeFi 21hrs 41min ago
Blockchain Bites: Why Buy an NFT? 21hrs 41min ago
Ethereum’s Favorite Lossless Lottery Will Airdrop Its POOL Token Today 21hrs 47min ago
Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, UBS Are Trading an ETP Tied to Polkadot’s Crypto 21hrs 56min ago Raises $120 Million in a Strategic Financing Round, Firm’s Institutional Arm Swells 22hrs 36min ago
DOJ Charges 3 North Korean Hackers With Stealing $100M+ From Crypto Firms 22hrs 42min ago
DOJ announces charges against three North Korean hackers for conspiring to steal and extort over $1.3B in cash and cryptocurrencie[…] 22hrs 51min ago
Bitcoin Poised for Short-Term Gains Past $51K as MicroStrategy Upsizes Debt Deal 23hrs 10min ago
Bitcoin News Roundup for Feb. 17, 2021 23hrs 11min ago
Russia’s Crypto Tax Bill Passes First Reading at State Duma 23hrs 42min ago raises $120M growth round from Moore Strategic Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and others and says 65M walle[…] 23hrs 56min ago
DJ 3LAU to Auction Full Album Tokenized on Ethereum Blockchain 1 day ago
Mastercard Launches Prepaid Card for World’s First CBDC in Bahamas 1 day ago
Privacy Coin Verge Suffers Third 51% Attack, Analysis Shows 200 Days of XVG Transactions Erased 1 day ago
Coinbase Hires Former Stripe Exec as Chief Compliance Officer 1 day ago
Why the US Needs Bitcoin 1 day 1hrs ago
First Mover: What’s Next After Bitcoin Hits $50K? Another $1K Gain 1 day 1hrs ago
Bitcoin’s Price Volatility May Hamper Its Progress Above $50K, JPMorgan Says 1 day 1hrs ago
MahaDAO to List MAHA and ARTH With 1 day 1hrs ago
Crypto Wallet Startup Raises $120M From Investors Including Google Ventures 1 day 1hrs ago
Coinbase, Readying for Public Listing, Gets $77B Valuation From Nasdaq Private Market 1 day 1hrs ago
Bitwise Launches DeFi Crypto Index Fund 1 day 2hrs ago
Central Bank Digital Currencies May Drive Cash ‘Shadow Economy’ to Crypto: Reuters 1 day 2hrs ago
MicroStrategy Boosts Latest Debt-for-Bitcoin Offering to $900M 1 day 2hrs ago
Report: the total value of all Ethereum-based non-fungible token transactions increased from $62M in 2019 to $250M+ in 2020; NFT a[…] 1 day 2hrs ago
What Is a Flash Loan? 1 day 3hrs ago
Valid Points: How CME Ether Futures Work and Why They Matter 1 day 3hrs ago
Dubai Free Zone Becomes First UAE Government Entity to Accept Bitcoin 1 day 3hrs ago
Peter Schiff Admits Bitcoin Could Reach $100K After BTC Price Soars Past His Expectations 1 day 3hrs ago
India Plans Twin Taxes on Exchanges and Traders Before Passing Crypto Bill: Report 1 day 4hrs ago
Bitcoin smashes through $51,000 to hit a new all-time high 1 day 4hrs ago
World’s Oldest Central Bank Extends Digital Currency Test Till 2022 1 day 5hrs ago
Diginex Connects Crypto Exchanges and Electronic Trading Firms With New Platform 1 day 5hrs ago
Dubai Government Licensing Entity Now Accepts Bitcoin for Payments 1 day 6hrs ago
Head of St Louis Fed Says Bitcoin Not a Challenge to US Dollar’s Global Dominance 1 day 6hrs ago
Bitcoin Hits New High Above $51K, Shrugging Off Rising Bond Yields 1 day 7hrs ago
Blockchain Firm Asks Nevada State for Permission to Build a Crypto ‘Smart City’ in Storey County 1 day 9hrs ago
The Man Behind Wallex and EURST 1 day 9hrs ago
Spanish Treasury Secretary Says Cryptocurrencies Carry a ‘Risk of Default’, Repeats Bank of Spain’s Lack of Regulation Rhetoric 1 day 11hrs ago
Polkadot Lays Out Its Plans for Parachain Rollout as the Token’s Price Climbs 1 day 13hrs ago
Mexican Companies Are Willing to Join the Bitcoin Bandwagon in the Wake of Tesla’s Investment, Says Expert 1 day 15hrs ago
Kakao to Record Private Securities on Its Own Blockchain as NFTs 1 day 15hrs ago
Japan’s SBI Investing ‘Eight-Figure’ Sum in Swiss Crypto Bank Sygnum 1 day 15hrs ago
Most Finance Chiefs Still Balk at Bitcoin on the Balance Sheet: Survey 1 day 17hrs ago
Cult Toy Brand Superplastic Launches NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway 1 day 17hrs ago
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Remains Around $48.5K Amid Flat Trading Activity 1 day 18hrs ago
Evolve Becomes Second Canadian Issuer to Win Approval for Bitcoin ETF 1 day 18hrs ago
NYDIG Registers for a Bitcoin ETF, Morgan Stanley Named a Participant in SEC Filing 1 day 18hrs ago
Bitcoin se recupera de su caída y marca un récord al superar los $50,000 1 day 18hrs ago
Bitcoin’s price rises to $50k as mainstream institutions hop on 1 day 19hrs ago
Beeple NFT to Be Auctioned by Christie’s 1 day 19hrs ago
How Dogecoin Became So Popular 1 day 20hrs ago
Cream Iron Bank Flash Loan Attack: Markets Re-Enabled While Asset Borrow Is Paused 1 day 20hrs ago
Taking Stock of How Far Crypto Has Come 1 day 20hrs ago
Bitcoin Mining Farms in Texas Offline From Winter Storm 1 day 21hrs ago